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Grateful but unsatisfied.

Grateful but unsatisfied

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Picked this phrase up from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, which I just finished. I largely liked it, but my opinion on that topic is not for this post.

In the context of the book, these words basically describe how third-wave feminists should feel about gender roles today: we’ve come a long way towards gender equality, but have more to go.

However, I’m choosing to apply it to my everything.

I’m grateful that

…I am 23 and gainfully employed at a job where I can grow.

…I live in a cool apartment by the beach with a hilarious, awesome roommate who can be  silly with me but also challenges me.

…my parents have been so infinitely supportive (financially and emotionally) as I transition from College Kid to Baby Adult Prone to Existential Whining.

…I’m healthy.

…I can afford the bare necessities in my life (if not much else.)

But unsatisfied. So  I keep going, keep moving, keep looking & do my best to respect the process, replace anxious impatience with action and live presently.


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