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If you regularly read kelsie (is not a) monster, please consider supporting the blog or author by:

  • Sending money, paying my student loans or taking me shopping (No really, I dress like shit most days.)
  • Subscribing to this blog on BlogLovin or Networked Blogs.
  • Adding me to your blog roll (and, actually, I don’t currently have one on my site, so I would happily return the favor if you add me to yours).
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  • Bookmarking this page or subscribing by e-mail (which can be found in the sidebar)

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.30.46 AM

How does this help me? What’s the point?

  • ZOMG I would wear the shit out of these

    So say you have this really great pair of shoes that are the wrong size – they sit in your closet and collect dust and you just keep getting more and more frustrated that YOU CAN’T EVEN WEAR THEM. You may as well get rid of them. A blog’s quality is usually measured by its traffic. And a blog with no traffic is like that super cute pair of shoes that doesn’t fit – it NEEDS lots of feet to fill them otherwise its sparklyness is wasted.

  • The more traffic I get, the better this blog will look to advertisers and it will rank higher on search engines…which leads to (you guessed it!) more traffic. Traffic comes from your continued visits (I love you),  referrals from sites like Bloglovin’ and Networked Blogs, and other sites, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, linked blogs, etc.

So traffic = good. Too big cute shoes = bad.  Class dismissed.

Thanks! Your support really makes a difference.




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